It began with a big BANG

Do you ever get the feeling the universe is trying to tell you something?
Just a few months into a new job I had a car accident – well I drove in front of a tram to be more specific, and if you’ve spent any time in Melbourne you’ll know those trams really are rhino’s on skateboards, they can’t slow down in a hurry!

Thankfully it was a slow impact and I was able to walk away – to the bus station where I caught the bus to and from work for the next six weeks while our poor car was being repaired.

Why the back story? I’m not seeking pity or creating drama – just demonstrating that from something that appears so terrible at the time, the most amazing transformations can bloom.

‘Breakdown before breakthrough’ as one of my close friends is always saying.

You see, those daily bus trips took me past a window display of 2 beautiful vintage looking bicycles – one red, one shiny black – such beauties! They looked straight out of the silver screen – wicker basket, big mudguards and a nice shiny bell to top them off. Just the style Audrey Hepburn would have ridden I mused to myself…

Determined to call one of these bicycles my own, I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole as I uncovered the world of ‘cycle chic’. Naturally it didn’t take long to appreciate all the other benefits that came with this exciting new world – rediscovering our thriving local community, enjoying the journey, pumping so much fresh oxygen through my body as I regularly rode my bike to work leaving the car behind, and of course it was impossible to avoid the sustainability benefits.

From this point I found myself rekindling my childhood passion for gardening, for cooking, for sewing while attempting to do all this and more in an environmentally conscious way.

I have taken a blogging break for the past 5 years but now with a young family of my own, I’ve discovered the importance of a little space of my own – somewhere I can daydream and journal all my thoughts and passions in the one place.

So this is where I’ll be sharing my latest experiments and creations, trials and triumphs in the garden, the kitchen and the sewing room and most importantly, indulging in a little ‘me time’.

Join me?

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