Dining Table Cubby

A week after we celebrated our son’s 1st birthday in April I found the ideal gift to make for him (or is that the ideal project for me?) for his second birthday.

Recalling our golden childhood years of blanket cubbies on rainy days, where we stacked encyclopaedias on top of chairs to keep our roof up, I began the search for a modern equivalent to fit a smaller home like ours.

After being distracted by some really cool dining chair cover kids kitchens, I got completely stuck on the fantastically personalised cubby Erin featured on Who Loves That, and my search ended there and then.

I love how the cover is made to fit the table and especially love the way Erin decorated it with all her son’s favourite things.

So with 12 months up my sleeve, true to Parkinson’s Law, whereby ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion’ I took a good 5 months to even begin my first plan.

After deliberating a few options, I decided that this preloved polka dot quilt cover would be the ideal tabletop – fun and bright but still a perfectly respectable tablecloth if need be. I already had a roll of calico just waiting to become something so this will become the walls.

I have also started collecting random felts and fabrics that I can reshape into trees, bugs, trains and cars and look forward to to bringing you some progress shots soon.

I have a feeling a lot of souls will be salvaged in this project …

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