Milk Bottle Strawberry Trees

No, I haven’t discovered a new variety of strawberries, I wanted to share with you a project we started back in September, and are now reaping the rewards from!

In September, frustrated with the amount of plastic milk cartons we were recycling every week (welcome to parenthood), I was determined to try to put some into use around the house and garden. Coincidentally, around the same time Mum’s friend offered us a pile of healthy strawberry runners she didn’t have room for and as we’re unable to keep up with our boy’s demands for ‘Bebbies’ we thought this could make a great project.

Initially, we were stumped as to where to grow the strawberries, as the sunniest corner of our tiny south facing shaded courtyard was already full of pots. Then we remembered the milk cartons, and from there the only way was up!

Soon enough I came across an interesting vertical garden made from plastic bottles, and with my trusty handyman by my side (and trusty toddler asleep) we set about cutting, filling, stacking and screwing the bottles to the fence, to make the most of any extra sunshine we could.


Apart from making the most of valuable vertical space, watering is very easy – by filling the funnel carton at the top, this trickles water down through each pot and any leftover is drained into the garden below. It’s also more difficult for sneaky pests like snails to reach our precious bebbies.


Here is our tower, awaiting holes and strawberries…



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