Oh My La “Double Entendre” Playset

Souls salvaged: 1

This is the second time I’ve made this super easy McCall’s stitch’n save M5353 pattern, although the last time I pulled it out was 6 years ago!

Our little friend is turning 1 next week and lately I find myself trying to avoid pink when making something for little girls.

It must just feel like the obvious  choice, and I love avoiding the obvious choice!IMG_8279

I decided to make this top reversible and using seersucker from spotlight I made one side  modern and trendy with navy and white chevron, and the other side had a softer vintage feel with white seersucker and a little pocket I made from an old napkin in my stash.



The red Pom Pom trim accents both sides brilliantly but it was a bit tricky to add as the seam allowance was minute, it was probably made for sewing on top of fabric, rather than enclosing it between 2 layers as I did here.


I hope this breezy ensemble keeps her cool throughout the upcoming summer.

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4 Responses to Oh My La “Double Entendre” Playset

  1. ~A says:

    I don’t care how childish this sounds…
    I want that hat. I want that hat so much that I’m going to find the pattern and blow it up to fit me! Ha ha! I love your finished pieces! They remind me of my sister- red is her favorite color, and navy is one of mine. No pink?! Oh, but not even a blush? A coral? Salmon? I love pink… Yellow and soft gray are sweet unisex combinations, too.


    • Christie says:

      Oooh my very first comment, thank you!
      I must say I am quite partial to any pink besides the standard ‘plastic lolly pink’ as I tend to call it. I think that hat would look great on you!


      • ~A says:

        Oh, you’re very welcome, dear!
        I completely understand what you mean, and wholeheartedly agree! Growing up with Barbie, has caused me to dislike hot pink and colors like it.


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