Old Soul: Veronika’s Frock

Souls Salvaged: 2

As I clean out my wardrobe, I realise that I often buy items for the fabric colour, pattern or texture, instead of wearability… and this Veronika Maine skirt – a preloved purchase from years ago, has proven that theory – waiting in the back of my wardrobe for something to match.


I have recently started putting all these ‘show ponies’ into my sewing remnants bag – hoping the opportunity to give them another spin would present itself.

I finally decided that this old soul would make a wonderful summer dress for my niece – the colours will echo the harsh tones of Australia’s outback and the beautifully softened linen will be instantly comfortable. It will be a Christmas gift for her, and I know I need to post it by the end of this week to be sure it arrives in time.


I loosely used this tutorial from the homelife website, but with some subtle changes.


For example, I knew I wanted to use the already bound hem as the hemline for the dress, and never choosing the easy path, I faced the challenge of understanding the body dimensions of a little girl who lives 1,400 km away, as well as how this dress will fit her as she grows.


I also wanted to incorporate the layered waistband as the front of the dress, and used the existing facing to create the casing for the shoulder ties.


I cut up a purple Kathmandu hemp linen shirt from the op shop to create the contrasting shoulder ties.

As I’ll always try to do, I included a tag from the original garment along with my own to help tell the story of this one-of-a-kind salvaged soul.

Have you recently salvaged some souls from your sewing stash? Please share a link in the comments below

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