Mum & Daughter PJ Set

When we can finally shake off the winter chills and look forward to sunshine, I find myself getting a real sewing bug and suddenly I have a list of 20 projects I’d like to complete before Christmas. If only I could start that inspiration earlier in the year – like May when there’s months of dreary days ahead.

Anyway a few years ago my good friend sewed me a pair of cuddly PJ’s and I haven’t sewn her anything for over 7 years. So this year I decided to not only sew her something, but also a pair of PJs for her daughter in matching fabric! (and then we rescheduled our Christmas catch-up to 2 weeks earlier – pressure!)

I dug out a lightweight quilt cover I had stashed away and had visions of using a deep red trim, I still remember making my first set of silky summer PJs when I was a girl – I felt so grown-up when I got ready for bed!


Miss L’s summer set – I began with Blank Slate’s Sweet Pea Pajama’s in mind, but found myself completely confused when it came to matching my measurements with their sizing. As you can see I still incorporated the piping around the bottom, but I ended up using Simplicity Miss’s 1561 pattern for the top of the top and the shorts.

I think it turned out well and the drawstring is adjustable so it can grow along with Miss L.


Of course it was a race to the finish line – we were actually late for dinner because I was still sewing – but I just HAD to make a little matching bag for her set so she could take it to sleepovers!


Having used most of the fabric on the summer shorty set, I decided to make Ms D a pair of long PJ pants from the same Simplicity pattern and buy her a coordinating top. I still lined the cuffs with the gorgeous red satin piping – I hope these girls enjoy lots of slumber parties together this summer!


Souls Salvaged: 1

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