Crafty Christmas: Reusable produce bags

I’ve pondered something for a while, in between concentrating on the task at hand- whether that is driving, entertaining (or being entertained by) my son or something more mundane like washing dishes.

For someone who has the best intentions but often forgets to …

A: put the shopping bags in the car or
B: take the shopping bags out of the car – usually because ‘I’m only grabbing a couple of things’

I don’t know why this has become so pressing- actually it’s probably articles like “More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, says Ellen MacArthur” that inspire me to keep learning.

I am suprised at the apparent lack of reusable produce bags, I mean – the whole premise of reusable grocery bags is to reduce one-use plastic bags, but if we fill these reusable grocery bags with plastic bags of apples and tomatoes then how far are we really going to get? And don’t get me started on all those ‘convenient’ prepackaged items!

So I did what any other self respecting 21st century DIYer would do, I googled it.

Of the many tutorials I found I went with this one and couldn’t get to Spotlight fast enough to pick out some tulle.

Soon, after several sticky notes of calculations, my first set of reusable produce bags was complete.


Alas, with Christmas fast approaching I only tried out 2 of these beauties before they were bundled up for gifts. As were the next 5 sets – I sewed and I sewed and proudly presented the bags to friends and family.IMG_8454

Feedback was mixed, some were confused, others thrilled and fools old mum (who else!) has reported that on both occasions she presented the bags at the register the cashiers were very impressed and keen to find out where they came from.

Now I just have to get back to the sewing machine to make myself a new set!

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