2016 hitlist

Rather than write a resolution, I prefer to think about what I’d like to get out of the year ahead. Places to go, things to learn, ways to grow… I’ll add to this list throughout the year no doubt…and hopefully tick a few off too!

Places to go

  1. Digger’s Heronswood garden at Dromana
  2. Digger’s Garden of St Erth at Blackwood
  3. Ian Potter Children’s Garden at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
  4. Dreamthorpe private garden, Mt Macedon
  5. Melliodora – David Holmgren’s permaculture property in Hepburn Springs
  6. Edna Walling’s Mawarra
  7. Cruden Farm
  8. Coombe Farm
  9. Bickleigh Vale
  10. Kyneton Lost Arts Festival
  11. Bolobek
  12. Mt Macedon Garden Lovers Fair
  13. Lambley Nursery

Things to learn

  1. Make my own yoghurt 
  2. Arm knitting
  3. Sewing knit fabrics
  4. Making kombucha
  5. Write calligraphy
  6. Making cheese
  7. Making compost
  8. Darning socks
  9. Making sourdough bread
  10. Cooking in a wood-fired oven
  11. Meal planning
  12. Create a no dig garden
  13. Apply permaculture principles to a rental property
  14.  Plants to grow
  15. Tomatillo
  16. Pumpkin
  17. Three sisters 
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