Visiting Heronswood

Yesterday my son, mum and I took a trip out to Dromana on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

It was overcast when we left home but by the time we reached the garden the blue sky had too, and it became an incredible summer’s day.

We began with lunch in the courtyard adjacent to the stunning historical home, now a restaurant showcasing their own garden fresh produce. But before we could even sit down I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the incredible strawberry wallpaper gracing the downstairs hallway.


When lunch arrived mum and I both noticed a familiar leaf in our salad – and upon further inspection mum declared it was indeed the Baby Sun Rose or Aptenia cordifolia – a succulent ground cover with small, hot pink flowers that open during the day which we both have in our gardens, but had no idea it was edible as Costa confirmed when he visited Heronswood himself, and apparently the flowers are also edible.

The juicy leaves don’t taste like much, but I was so excited that I have a bonus edible plant already growing well at home.



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