Stampede Bunting for an outback girl

What to give an outback girl for her special 2nd birthday?

I’ve had bunting going through my mind ever since we received a lovely handmade gift for our little boy’s room? Reds, whites, blues, stars, stripes and spots.

Not only can it be an easy, fun and creative project – it’s also a good way to use some of your stash that is too small or awkward for most projects but you’re determined to use.

Enter my old jeans and some stunning Florence Broadhurst ‘Stampede’ fabric offcuts from a loose chair cover I made years ago. Denim, red and white, with hessian for contrast – perfect!


I used our gifted bunting as a guide for size and length, and was soon chopping up my old favourites – being sure to include interesting details like pockets and rivets.

I backed the stampede fabric with the hessian, fraying the edges once sewn.


It was a bit fiddly attaching it all to the bias binding as there wasn’t much overlap and the denim was quite thick in some parts, but soon that was out of the way and the bunting was complete!IMG_9580

I left the end ties very long so they could be tied around branches, the washing line or wherever else it might be used apart from Miss Z’s bedroom, I hope it’s on display at her birthday party!IMG_9578Is there anything more festive that colourful bunting flapping in the breeze?


And what’s even better – it can be pulled out for parties every year, more more environmentally friendly than crepe paper streamers and balloons!


get text and pics


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