Naming Day

I have had many blog posts written (in my head) before I finally committed myself to a name.

So why the name? Because Mrs Sew & Sow was taken! Heh heh seriously, after trying out all sorts of witty titles and carrying a list of hybrid words around in my bag for weeks, constantly adding and crossing off, I discovered Michael Pollan’s words

‘The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.’

referenced in Clive Blazey’s book “There is no excuse for ugliness: Falling in Love with Our Best Plants and Gardens”.

As a self confessed Type A personality and someone who struggles daily with a near-paralysing case of perfectionism – or really ‘procrasti-fectionism’ (it’s really a thing – look it up here! I chose this title thinking it might just keep my own expectations in check; allowing me to strive for more, while also being perfectly (there’s that p-word again) content with a less than 110% result.
Time will tell if this little exercise in mindfulness will help me to shake off some of these crippling thought patterns.

Afterall, being halfway to nature sounds pretty nice to me!

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