Childlife Lesson 667: Mummy sit

They say your children will be your greatest teachers.

I must admit that I have always felt that the lessons we stubbornly refuse to learn for ourselves will be drummed into us by our progeny, whether we want it or not. Possibly why I was slightly hesitant about the ‘whole parenting thing’ for a long time – I didn’t want to feel like I might ‘lose control’.

Today we spent the afternoon in our tiny backyard trying out a new Thomas train we found at the op shop – back and forwards to each other, we pushed Thomas along the deck.

At one point I got up to resume the task of hanging out washing, thinking my son was occupied well enough that he wouldn’t be tempted to fling the clean wet clothes across the ground as he had earlier.

I hadn’t even hung out a pair of socks when I heard

‘Mummy, sit’

Yes son, thank you for reminding me to be present.

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