Borage sisters

I received two little borage seedlings (and a handful of thyme babies) as a Christmas gift and nursed them through the early days after they were plucked from their pots by some pesky cockatoos.


With love and care they have gone from strength to strength and this weekend it was time to split the sisters up into their own pots for some growing space.

I had an enthusiastic helper too, after my son had fun emptying the soil into the ground, he carefully refilled the hole and patted the soil around the ‘babies’.

He loves the watering can so I knew these babies would be watered in well too.

Taking a peek a couple of days later and look what I found… PEEKABLUE!

See what happens when you’re given room to bloom?

I can’t wait to plant these girls in our new garden and use the edible flowers in some yummy recipes!

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