Making Yoghurt

One of the skills I wanted to learn this year was how to make yoghurt from scratch – we go through so much at home and I’m tired of seeing all the containers go into the bin after just one use.

Two weeks ago I came across a brand new Easiyo yoghurt kit at the op shop and today was the day to try it out.

I followed these simple instructions from Sustainable Suburbia and with a little help from my son, pouring and mixing, we had it all ready in 20 minutes.

Actually I’ll be very interested to see how this comes out – I heated the milk without a thermometer and I don’t think we ended up with exactly the right quantity of milk powder following a ‘pouring incident’ so my fingers are crossed!

Finally, you probably won’t ever see a superb series of images documenting each step in the process on my posts- not if there’s a toddler involved and I just want to get it finished before it all ends up on the floor.

We’ll have a verdict by tomorrow afternoon, stay tuned…

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