An old soul for an unborn soul

Souls Salvaged: 1

This darling little chair recently appeared on my local buy, swap, sell page and after hesitating for half a second, I snapped her up.

Why the hesitation? You see I know who this children’s armchair is perfect for, I just haven’t met them yet – in fact, they’re kinda not born, yet…

Well as I suspected all she needed was a decent scrub and an afternoon lazing in the sunshine to come up good as new!

There are a few scratches around her wooden frame but I’m going to leave them there, afterall I’d be foolish to expect that  if this chair is as loved as I hope she will be kept in pristine showroom condition.

Besides, I have a soft spot for all the bumps and bruises, they’re just character lines – already proving its strength and resilience and boldly telling the story of her past love, wouldn’t you agree?

I wonder how long I’ll be minding this chair until she meets her next love…

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