Yoghurt is a success!!

Yes! This afternoon I gingerly lifted the lid on our Easiyo tub and well looky here – we have our first tub of Greek yoghurt!

The top layer was nice and firm like store bought, and underneath it is a bit runnier, but still has a good texture and it’s so silky smooth!

It doesn’t have the full tang of the Jalna tub we used to kick start it, however this could be something to do with the fact that I can’t be sure I heated the milk correctly and the milk we used was full cream ‘a2’ – the best one at the shop that day.

Next time I’d like to invest in a milk thermometer and try out a nice creamy organic milk, until then apparently this batch is best enjoyed as a dip for green grapes…

Or even on the side …

But really, a spoon works just as well…

Have you made your own yoghurt? I’d love to hear your recipes and tips for a firmer consistency throughout in the comments below.

If you’ve been thinking of trying it out then I definitely recommend you give it a go, it’s a very simple process and certainly worth a shot.

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