Allo Aloe!

I carried these aloe vera cuttings in my suitcase all the way home from my dad’s balcony up in Queensland last October.

After a few months of brown leaves they have finally acclimatised and the fresh new growth is green and juicy.

They weren’t ready gifts for last Christmas but this year 6 strong plants will find happy new homes.

They are in the narrow lightwell on our west facing wall, the only sunshine they see is for a short time in early afternoon, and they have joined my succulent collection as this is one area I just don’t get around to watering.

Aloe Vera provides powerful relief from sunburn and other skin irritations but I’ve also heard of its use as a makeup remover, shaving cream, face wash and when mixed with brown sugar or used coffee granules it can be a great exfoliant too.

Am I missing anything? What do you use your aloe vera plant for?

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