Salvaged Soul – Dilemma of the Blue Coat

Recently I received a tip-off about a haul of vintage woolen children’s coats at one of our local op shops.

IMG_9672 (640x480)

So what did I do? Well obviously I changed course immediately and snapped up the last one!

IMG_9676 (640x480)

This darling little number is probably about a size 4 and is in such lovely condition, except that one button is missing from the front 4.

IMG_9677 (640x480)

The colour definitely has some green in it, I’d call it a deep turquoise blue. All other buttons are in great shape and even the one holding the top of the coat together is the original.

IMG_9675 (640x480)

Did I mention the lining? It’s a lovely dusty pink with a subtle pattern through it. I can’t find out any details about the maker Marfex – do you know anything about this label?

IMG_9679 (640x480)

So here is the dilemma – and there’s no rush because I haven’t got anyone in mind for this little sweetie yet – should I

a. Remove and replace all six buttons with something appropriate, so they all match?

b. Remove the thread from the missing button and pretend it was never there?

c. Replace the missing button with an obviously but charmingly mismatched button, embracing the undeniable truth that with kids, these things happen?

What would you do??

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