Packing up and moving on

Did I mention we’re moving?

Yup we’re packing up and leaving our first home (of 11 years!) to take a step closer to that grand plan of ours.

How do I feel? Haven’t quite decided yet… I’m focussing on the tasks that will get us there and as I look around the beginnings of our packing – an optimistic first burst of filling some boxes we just inherited, I can’t help but think about how little we use a lot of this stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – we love a declutter challenge and have removed a lot of stuff over time, but has anyone else noticed that when kids come along that stuff just seems to multiply! Add this to the amount if time I also seem to be missing each day and there’s a lot of organising and tidying that has gone by the wayside.

I heard a quote the other day ‘before you buy something, ask yourself if you’d pay someone to move it one day’. Excellent point.

So the shine has come off packing, as I keep finding areas I need to straighten out before I can pack them, like my wardrobe.

There is always room to find in my wardrobe, I’ve had a few major clean outs in recent years but also have noticed myself start to slide into the habit of searching for ‘the perfect stripy top’ (and ending up with 5 different not quite perfect ones in my wardrobe), or subconsciously shoppingand buying something cheap try and fill a gap in my soul, while in fact it just clogs up my space even more.

Then I’ll stand at my wardrobe in the morning thinking about what to wear 

can’t see the outfits for the clothes

So this Sunday afternoon I’m banishing the boys and locking myself upstairs to pull together my first proper capsule wardrobe which will get me through to April.

The beauty of this timing is that whatever I want to store will go straight into boxes for packing so I won’t be tempted to reach for extras. The challenge will be Melbourne’s fickle weather, today it’s summer, raining and about 20C, last week it was summer, sweltering and 33C. The transition to Autumn will also be interesting, last year the start of April was still in the very high 20’s so I hope I can cover all bases…

Do you use a capsule wardrobe? Do you update it seasonally? Any tips for me? I’ve had a few half hearted go’s but never pack the other stuff away so I’ve not lasted for more than a few weeks…

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