Brewing Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Last night was brewing night and although I had expected I’d be more of a eager observer than a brewer for my first attempt, as things turned out Trav was working late so with the deadline in mind I jumped in and had a go!

Ingredients assembled…

Don’t see any oatmeal? That’s because it’s already in the fresh wort.

Before I even started I was stumped! For all my straining and cursing I couldn’t even get unscrew the lid from the wort for 15 minutes or so!

Finally it loosened enough and I was able to carefully tip it into the fermenter which I had cleverly positioned on the floor. Suddenly there was wort running all over the tiles – what now??! Another rooky mistake no doubt, the fermenter tap was still open to allow for proper drying so the wort was just draining through.

OK surely after cleaning up the sticky mess and pouring the rest of the wort into the fermenter nothing else could go wrong? Give a girl a break!

Boiling up the dutch cocoa and lactose on the stove

The fun part – stirring it all together in the fermenter.

And here she is – sitting pretty under the central heating and was bubbling furiously within hours (wait – did I just call that beer a she?!)

It will rest for 2 weeks until it comes time for bottling, can’t wait! I should start planning the menu…

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