A new garden path and my strange obsession

Cory and I spend Mondays together, it’s a really lovely way to ease into the new week. We usually spend the morning at the library and after lunch – weather permitting – we head out into the garden.

In fact he’s been conditioned so well that when I ask him what he’d like to do today he’ll say ‘Mummy, dig?’.

I don’t need any more encouragement so on go the gumboots and hats and away we dig…

Today we concentrated on digging the new path for the snack trail I want to create here. As you know we have a mountain of river stones that I decided would be perfect to repurpose as a dry creek bed/ path that will wind its way from the potting shed to the future chicken pen.

The soil was so soft and in an hour we had taken the top 20cm or so off. That’s even with Cory carefully placing all the dirt I dug out back onto the cleared path. Deep breath!

I occupied him by promoting him to raking duty and also had him try out the new path from top to bottom and back again..

Satisfied with my work, he happily moved on to checking out the local wildlife, I’m thrilled to say that there are plenty of earthworms in this bed too

As always he asked to ‘pap’ them but of course – he just wanted to watch ‘Mummy pap’ instead. We carefully covered the worms back up with soil so they felt a little safer.

Funky Monday’s 

Following a friend’s suggestion, I’ve been making friends with our local green grocers and this morning I picked up 2 big boxes of free scraps to give my compost bins a boost.

I have become extremely passionate about my precious compost to the point that I was saving all our veggie scraps months before we even moved in.

I had a nice pile going until someone threw in a few decent pieces of leftover lasagne and frittata which was quickly infested with so many maggots and other undesirables that I had to chuck it all out and start again! Ever since then I have been slightly overprotective of the bins …

I diligently bring home all my banana peels, apple cores and other scraps from a work day – if you’ve ever started a compost pile and seen just how long it takes to transform into rich nutritious soil you’ll understand my dedication!

So of course I could think of nothing better to do this evening than carefully remove, citrus, rubber bands and plastic from my ‘spoils’ and chop up the big bits into easily decomposable pieces before carefully layering them with our shredded newspapers into the 2nd bin.

Who said I don’t know how to have fun??

Trav recently fashioned an aerator by drilling numerous holes into a pvc pipe offcut and we couldn’t wait to try it out. The extra oxygen will help the compost to breakdown more readily without regular turning by yours truly, freeing up my time and energy for other fun stuff!

Do you have an aerated compost bin? Have you noticed an improvement in the speed of scraps to soil? I’d love to hear about your compost adventures in the comments below…

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