Bottling the stout and a beer bread recipe

I came across this super quick beer bread recipe this afternoon that looked too simple not to try, only 4 ingredients and no yeast, kneading or proving required. Who else would offer such a convenient recipe but Jamie Oliver himself?

The recipe is as simple as mixing together a 330ml bottle of beer, 375g of self-raising flour and 3 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl with a spoon. Pour it into a bread tin, top with a drizzle of melted butter and bake at 180°C/360°F for about 50 minutes, or until golden and crisp on top. (Jamie Oliver)

Jamie recommends a malty or extra hoppy beer for maximum flavour but I was happy to sacrifice one of the many light beers in the fridge, and in went a full 375ml of Cascade Premium Light, I added wholemeal SR flour, caster sugar and a generous drizzle of butter.

I gave the tin a light spray with olive oil as I was nervous that the dough would stick, but I have a feeling the butter would have taken care of that anyway.

The result was a light fluffy slightly moist cake-like loaf with a beautiful golden crunchy crust – I could taste the sweetness and perhaps a slight overtone of the beer but I’d be interested in trying this recipe out with different beer styles. While we were enjoying the bread with dinner I mentioned to Trav that it might not be this nice in a few days’ time – but he didn’t seem to think it would be around that long anyway. I’d say that was a success then!

Trav and I both bottled the 20 litres of stout this evening – do you like our gravity feed system??

We did a mix of 375ml and 660ml bottles anda couple of clamps held the crowner in place perfectly.

We did agree though that next time we’ll leave the smaller bottles to the end – we only just squeezed the drops in to fill the last bottle.

So my birthday brew is now bottled and all I have to do now is be patient.

Each stage of the brewing process has been quite quick, however it’s the meticulous cleaning and drying of all pieces that really takes the time.

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