Painting Emma

What toddler doesn’t like painting?

I’ve been meaning to try mossing our concrete statue ‘Emma’ for years and today I found myself with two well-expired tubs of yoghurt in the fridge, some leftover moss from a flower job and a very willing helper.

Sorry – no action shots today because we were having too much fun getting our hands dirty.

I loosely followed this guide for missing and Cory eagerly stirred the yoghurt and moss together in the bucket.

Soon we were slopping on brushfuls of yoghurty moss and pushing it into all the books and crannys.

The statue is already in a pretty shady spot along the south facing fence so hopefully it will start taking on a nice cover of moss in no time with this chilly weather.

These pics were taken when the yoghurt had dried, but the moss is still holding on tight.

Have you tried mossing a concrete statue? There are many recipes out there including buttermilk, beer and yeast – I’d love to hear what you used in the comments below!

Souls salvaged: 2 tubs of yoghurt.

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