Furoshiki Mummy!

Mum’s books finally arrived today  – a special request for her birthday so I got another excuse for a super quick furoshiki project!

This time I used a silky single quilt cover op-shop find…

Surely a little girl’s favourite for many years and a perfect match for mum’s second hand Random House perennial and bulb guides don’t you think?

First job – cut to size (just like a roll of wrapping paper!). I made this one 90cm square, ample for the books – best to overestimate especially if your gift isn’t perfectly square! It will also be a useful size for other gifts down the track.

Now I’d always prefer to just ‘pink’ the edges with pinking shears – or even better lightly fray them, but this fabric was very slippery so I ended up taking a few more minutes to overlock the sides, I’m hoping this will also give the impression that it’s made to be used time and time again.

I haven’t found the right way to include instructions for reusing this furoshiki, especially something that will be passed on to each new owner, but I decided to pop my label on one of the tails to once again show that it’s not just ‘any old piece of fabric’.

You could always see a couple of buttons or other marker on an end if you’ve got time, and you’ll find that for this to show well once wrapped, it will be part of the first and third knots…

So with the overlocking and label, this tool a few more minutes than usual but normally a furoshiki won’t take anymore time than conventional wrapping – and it only requires 1 item (fabric) instead of 3 (wrapping paper, sticky tape, ribbon). 
Bear in mind that you will need more fabric than you would wrapping paper, to allow for tying. 

These books were the size of an a4 page, so although 90cm looks huge when you’re cutting it out, its certainly the right size, allowing for enough tying length.

The Metung postcard was the perfect birthday card for mum, as we all enjoyed a little trip to Lakes Entrance for her birthday a few week’s ago.

Hope you love my flower power furoshiki! Have you used or received furoshiki gifts before? Tell me in the comments!

Souls Salvaged: 3 books and 1 quilt cover.

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