My new Garden Journal

Imagine my surprise when only a week after I’d given mum her special Furoshiki wrapped birthday gift, the same bundle was returned to me!

IMG_2041 (640x480)

Although this time it held a very special folder Mum had put together for all my gardening notes. Mum can’t bear to throw things out either, and tackled her huge pile of gardening magazines to make this completely unique Garden Journal for me.

IMG_2320 (640x480)Finally a place to scribble all my notes, questions, wins and disappointments (besides here of course!). I’m very inspired by this gorgeous Mumma & Bubba scarecrow!

IMG_2321 (640x480)

The Journal is already brimming with handy articles particularly relevant to my own challenges and garden ideas, as well as lots of blank paper for my own records.IMG_2322 (640x480)

I can see this growing with me as I start to get more knowledgeable and confident out there. Thanks Mum!

IMG_2323 (640x480)

Do you have a garden journal? Is it a grubby notebook or a fancy folder? Please share – I’d love to know how you use yours!

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