Winter jobs: Seed Catalogue

When it’s dark and blowing a gale outside I’m very happy to find an inside job to do. 

At the start of the year I bought myself this nifty set of metal file drawers, in excellent working condition with a few knocks and scratches for character.

I tentatively ordered my seeds alphabetically within two categories – Flowers & Herbs and Vegetables and then within the four seasons using these coloured index cards for each season – green for spring, yellow for summer, pink for Autumn and blue for winter.

I know there are so many ways to organise your seeds – from month to season, name to variety but having not used my seeds very often this seemed like the most logical way for me – and it still does.

This week though, I finally gathered all my packets, jars and tins and listed them all in a spreadsheet – noting the category, name, seed company, date harvested or expiry date, how many packets, how stored ie Open packet, Sealed packet, Empty packet (for reference), jar or tin and finally which season/s to sow them.

I also wrote the plant name on each index card so I can flip through them and find what I need quickly and easily. I love an organised collection!

Through this exercise I did discover many expired seed packets but have kept them for now as i know I have still had good germination from some recently – they are just printed in red on the sheet. I can now easily share this list with my family and friends for swapping seeds!

I’m sure this system will change as  my collection grows and I use them all more, but for now I know where everything is.

I keep the drawers in the laundry – an unheated room where they will be safe and dry. My growing collection of harvested seeds in jars is on a shelf in the linen cupboard. Seeds need to be stored in a cool dark dry place to keep them viable – it would be no good keeping my metal drawers outside where the sun and rain could compromise them.

How do you organise and store your seeds? Would you like a blank copy of my seed catalogue sheet to get started?

I’d love to hear what works for you in the comments below 

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