Herb Cottage delivery

Part two of my birthday present arrived today!

I have had a shopping cart open on Mud Brick Cottage Herb Farm for at least a month and this week I finally hit Purchase.

Bright and early this morning an express post delivery arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to unpack it- I’ve never received live plants in the mail before and it’s been a mystery to me as to how it’s done.

I unpacked the sturdy cardboard box to reveal my well packed … newspaper!

The tubes were carefully wrapped in newspaper sheets and the tops were taped over to save the soil. I followed the clear instructions inside the lid, carefully unwrapping each revealed my new organic seedlings. From left

  • Vanilla Grass – storing some leaves in a sugar jar imparts a sweet vanilla scent.
  • Citronella Geranium – great for repelling mozzies
  • Corsican mint – gorgeous fragrant groundcover
  • Perennial coriander – not a true coriander scent but I was tempted to try it
  • Lemon balm – attracts bees so a great companion plant for many fruits and vegetables!

A long soak in a seaweed bath woke them up and I hope to plant them out tomorrow with the exception of the vanilla grass which will be an inside plant for now.

I’m conscious of trying my best to purchase organically grown plants wherever possible since discovering the devastating impact that neonics are having on the honey bee populations, I don’t want to contribute further to this problrm, especially when selecting plants that will attract bees and pollinators to my garden.

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