Pretty Purple Peas

I finally got out into the garden to list all the flowering plants I could find and record them in my new Garden Journal (can you believe there are 20 so far this month!)- and on Friday I was thrilled to spot the very first purple podded pea gracing our Pea Tee Pee!

It was an occasion for the good camera!

IMG_0566 (640x427) (2)

Since the glorious sunshine we had on the weekend, there’s now another 6 flowers out too – I just hope the vines can hold on tight through these winds, they’ve already sustained some damage and I’m worried we might lose a couple of the tallest ones.IMG_0570 (640x427)

Isn’t she magnificent! Hopefully we’ll be plucking some tasty purple peas from our Tee Pee in a few weeks.

Another beauty is the Chocolate Flowered Broad Bean I also sowed in Autumn. Yes – I did choose this one for the flowers and I am not disappointed, the buds appear to be more a strong magenta and the flowers open to a stunning dark chocolate hue. I was thrilled with 100% germination from these seeds and this week they are all flowering tooIMG_0577 (640x427)

Some more happy little pick-me-ups in July’s garden,

IMG_0581 (640x427)

Daphne Odora – cannot do winter without her!

IMG_0587 (640x427)

Nasturtium Peach Melba

IMG_0588 (640x427)

White Alyssum – I kept pinching little plants that were popping up in the front garden and I’ve got quite a nice border growing in the lemon tree garden now. Can’t wait for the bees to come out and play!

IMG_0594 (640x427)

Blue Borage – my friend grew this from seed as a Christmas gift for me. I’m looking forward to it self sowing everywhere! Mum is also waiting for some babies to take home.

IMG_0595 (640x427)

Hellebore – a gift from mum that brightens up the shady garden outside our bedroom window.

IMG_0579 (640x427)

And probably the most suprising of all – a little self-sown marigold actually flowered in a dormant pot, hello sunshine!

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