We have results!!

I’ve been keenly watching all the brassicas and peas I’ve planted in the garden this Autumn, especially after the crazy sun/rain/sun/rain we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks.

I’m so happy to share these little beauties I uncovered this week. Time to harvest them soon but as they are our first of each, I kind of hesitate at that thought too!

If we split this broccoli between the three of us it might become more of a tasty garnish than anything else!

Our first cauliflower is a good handful so far- I’ll see if it gets much bigger before I dare pluck it. None of the other cauli’s are close to fruiting yet.

I think I’ll lightly steam this and serve with my mums yummy breadcrumb sauce, I don’t want to hide that flavour!

Purple podded peas galore! The shell is a bit tougher than other varieties but they are still so crunchy and sweet! Definitely can’t bear to cook these, they will become our gardening snacks!

As you can see I’m pretty proud – I feel like a proper gardener now and it’s safe to say that I’m addicted!

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