Hello there!

I’m Christie and I live in the outer North West of Melbourne with my darling husband and son. I’m on a journey to a more sustainable life and I’m putting my curiosity and busy hands to many new projects – organic gardening, permaculture, reducing our waste, preserving and making foods instead of buying them, reusing items instead of binning them and having a few laughs (and disasters) along the way.

Ultimately we’d like to build a sustainable house a little further out of town, strawbale if you must know, but we’ve got plenty to learn while we wait for that big day!

Why I’m writing

Honestly, this blog was originally written just for me. A way for me to gather my thoughts and ideas, record my successful and unsuccessful experiments and attempts at a more simple life and that’s why you’ll mainly only see iphone snaps, some unpolished posts and a pretty irregular blogging schedule.

Who else might enjoy this?

Apart from far flung family and friends catching sneaky snaps of our gorgeous son, this humble blog might appeal to anyone who’s starting to make changes in their day to day living – starting to question if all our modern day conveniences are really that convenient, or actually clever traps.

I love learning and I’m learning a lot. I’d like my learning to benefit others as well so please feel free to share your own results from similar experiments when something interesting catches your eye.

I’ve got a long way to go until I feel I’ve made some lifelong changes and improved my impact on the planet, but I’m looking forward to the journey and I’d love to share it with you,

Christie x



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