Harvest 100


Because there’s nothing like a self-imposed challenge to keep me focused!

What is it?

I am challenging myself to create a garden from which I can harvest 100 edible, medicinal or otherwise useful plants each year.

Timeframe: Given that we will be living here for at least 2 years, I’d like to reach Harvest100 by Easter 2018. Hopefully by then it will be all about maintaining the trees and perennials and turning over the annuals and seasonal veggies.

Why 100?

It’s a nice round number, and it’s more than 10 which is how many plants I could harvest from in my small south-facing inner city courtyard where we lived until earlier this year.








Olive plant




Why would I put time and money into this challenge instead thinking about our future property?


Who benefits?

My confidence, skills and experience

My family

We’ll be enjoying the freshest produce grown without chemicals, right in our own backyard!

My Community

Any surplus produce will be donated to friends, neighbours as well as the community via ‘Harvest Sunbury’ and ‘Food is Free Sunbury’

…and hopefully if I can inspire a few of you to think about your own harvest challenge then you will also benefit from this crazy experiment, either by thinking about where your food is coming from and how fresh it really is, and choosing to buy from local growers such as through farmer’s markets or by starting your own little Harvest Challenge